Ashli Mullen, University of Glasgow

AshliAshli Mullen holds 1+3 ESRC funding at the University of Glasgow and is currently completing her MRes in Sociology and Research Methods, having recently graduated with an undergraduate degree in Sociology and Anthropology. Her doctoral research explores contemporary representations of Roma migrants in Scotland and the degree to which these are historically determined via the wider processes of racialisation of migrants in the UK. The research ultimately aims to analyse the discursive constitution of Roma as a problematic population. Ashli is a committed public sociologist and is interested in the ways in which sociology can be used to assist marginalised groups in their struggles to effect social change. She is a member of the WestGAP (West Glasgow against Poverty) Collective, having worked with WestGAP for the last five years as a welfare rights advice worker and trustee, and spoke at the inaugural BSA Activism in Sociology meeting in this capacity.

Ashli’s wider research interests include the sociology of ‘race’ and racialisation, participatory qualitative research methodologies, inequalities and intersectionality, epistemology of the social sciences, critical discourse analysis and conspiracy practices. Ashli joined the BSA Postgraduate Forum team in 2014.

Find her on Twitter: @_Verstehen_

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