Research stories

A day in the life

This section explores the varied lives of academics through an entry in their diary that highlights one of the many aspects of academic life.

Research Stories

In this series we showcase the thought processes, as well as personal, and political motivations underlying research in modern British sociology. By doing so, we hope to demonstrate the lively and active existence of a provoking an questioning sociological imagination amongst some of our most exciting academics.

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Sociological Castaways

In this ongoing series we delve into the imaginations of some of our favourite sociologists to discover more about the cultural touchstones that have shaped them as academics. Vibing on the Radio 4 ‘Desert Island Discs’ programme, we ask our sociological castaways which books, music and luxury item they would save if abandoned on an exotic desert island.

Each castaway was allowed to chose 1) Four sociology books; ii) Two novels or non-academic books; iii) Four Pieces of music; iv) A Luxury Item.

Read on for a personal insight into contemporary British sociology….

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The Making of the Sociological Researcher: Critique, Practice, Performance

What does it mean to be a sociological researcher? Recordings from the BSA’s event held in London in November 2015.