James Beresford, University of Leeds

Slide1James Beresford is an ESRC +3 funded PHD candidate in the School of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Leeds. Working at the intersection of Sociology, Socio-legal studies and Social Policy, his research is a qualitative project looking to the becoming of the last major piece of UK equality elgislation, the Equality Act 2010. It questions how certain policies and political interventions become located as necessary. Taking a relational approach, focus is on the different actors involved in this, and how their positionally and differently located authorities work to allow them to shift this in various directions. It asks how this inadequacy of a previous process was established, looking to the power relations enacted through this process.

His research interests include then; narrative, memory, socio-legal studies, critical policy analysis, affect, ideas and govern mentalities of equality, and qualitative methods. In addition to his role at the postgraduate forum, he is also an editor of the Graduate Journal of Social Science (GJSS.org). From January to March 2017, he was a visiting scholar in the department of Gender and Cultural Studies at the University of Sydney.

His twitter handle is @jezybezy