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Top sociology podcasts

Here’s a round-up of the top sociology podcasts out there recommended by academic Twitter:

Thinking Allowed on the BBC – this is a classic. Laurie Taylor talks to two or three experts on a sociological topic. It has been going for years, so you have (at time of writing) 626 episodes to choose from.

The Digital Sociology Podcast hosted by Christopher Till – this podcast sees the presenter discuss digital sociological questions with other expert academics.

Surviving Society hosted by Chantelle Lewis, Tissot Regis and Saskia Papadakis – this is a “political podcast from a sociological perspective” and episodes discuss timely and fascinating research by PhD researchers and established academics alike.

What’s that noise? hosted by Tommy and Derek – this one is a bit less academic and a bit less specifically sociology with episodes on a range of topics.

Sociology (journal) Podcast Series – “In Conversation with Sociology Authors” – this series links a podcast with article published in Sociology.

The Social Breakdown – “the sociology podcast nobody wants, but everybody needs” – hosted by Penn, Ellen and Omar. This series wants to make sociology accessible to everyone by discussing the ongoing and often confusing things happening in society.

Transforming Society by Policy Press – this series is fairly new and covers a wide range of topics with various academics.

Politics Theory Other hosted by Alex Doherty. If you like your sociology podcasts political, this is the one for you.

East is a Podcast hosted by Sina Rahmani. This series critically explores “the history of the present of the modern Middle East and North Africa” in interviews with experts.

The Annex Sociology Podcast hosted by Joseph Nathan Cohen, Leslie Hinkson and Gabriel Rossman. It is described as: “an academic sociology-themed podcast. It discusses news, debates, and research findings that are of interest to professional sociology scholars.”

Happy listening!

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