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Top Tips for your PhD elevator pitch!

“So, what is your PhD on?”

The polite networking question that may inspire you, as many before you, to shove a whole neat triangle buffet sandwich into your mouth so your eyes can only plead apologies.

We all know that ‘getting out there’ and ‘getting known’ and ‘making contacts’ is crucial for us as postgraduates but learning how to pitch yourself and your project in a quick conversation or introduction is rarely covered in our general research training.

Being able to take 80,000 (as yet unwritten) words and condense them into three sentences or less is not something that comes particularly easy to any postgraduate student (or often in fact long experienced academics).  Yet it is a critical skill and one really worth honing.

For avoiding social awkwardness aside, there are a number of reasons why you need to be able to explain in a concise and engaging way what and why you are doing what you are.  Engaging with others who share your research interests can make a massive difference to your time as a research student, personally and professionally.

Because we know this, and we know that this does not come naturally to us all, the Postgraduate Forum is going to start building in deliberate networking space and activities into our up-coming events.

With that in mind we’ve brought together some great resources from around the web you may find useful to get your pitch together.

To get you started, here are some questions your pitch should answer, from the elevator pitch: presenting your research in conversation

What is the topic of your research?
What is the problem, issue, or question that you are asking and addressing in your research?
Why is that problem interesting and important? (i.e. So what?)
How does your work connect with a broader disciplinary conversation about this topic/problem in your field, and what does it add to that conversation?

For some more tips and ideas, have a look at these resources:


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