2018 Regional Postgraduate Days

In 2018, the BSA funded the following postgraduate days:

2 March 2018, University of Sheffield

Sex in Society: Bringing Together Sociological Research on Sexual Culture, Sexual Practice and Sexual Consumption

26 March 2018, Lancaster University

Practice Theory: Connections and Methodologies

11 May 2018, University of Liverpool

Empirical Research on Drug Use and Recovery: methodological concerns, ethical practices and the question of impact

11 May 2018, Newcastle University

Critical realism in practice: Applications in management and organisation studies

18 May 2018, University of Birmingham

Intimate lives? Autism, Gender, Sex/uality, and Identity

1 June 2018, Royal Holloway, University of London

Adaptive Ethnographies for a 21st Century Sociology

1 June 2018, University of Edinburgh

Bioscientific innovation, medical imaginaries and experiences of contemporary healthcare

25 June 2018, London School of Economics

Nation Building, Family (Un)Making, and Genetic Technologies

4 November 2018, Durham University

Labour in the Information Age

8 November 2018, University of Manchester

Conducting Theoretically Informed Social Network Research

20 November 2018, University of York

The Promise and Perils of Researching Sensitive Issues

For more past events, check out the BSA Regional Postgraduate Day Archive