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PGF Pre-conference Day 2015: Session Three – Making it from PhD to Early Career: Stories and Trajectories

Presented by the BSA Early Career Forum Co-Convenors, Dr Katherine Twamley (UCL Institute of Education), Dr Mark Doidge (University of Brighton), Dr Andrea Scott (University of Chichester):

Sociologists’ tales of life after the PhD: Getting a job and keeping it (or moving on to something better)

Many workshops and sessions focus on practical skills to bolster our CVs. As sociologists we know, however, that the social world around us cannot be reduced to a series of key skills, publications and experience. Our careers are based on our own identity, politics (personal, governmental and office), power, opportunities and opportunism.Drawing on the forthcoming Sociologists’ Tales book to be launched at this year’s BSA conference, at this session we will discuss how some of us have managed the post-PhD transition, and what lessons we can learn from our and others’ experiences (whether good or bad). The session will be run by the three BSA Early Career Forum convenors and will be an interactive session – so brings your thoughts and questions.

The BSA Early Career Forum (ECF) is for post-PhD BSA members, recognising the distinct set of challenges facing early career sociologists in the current academic and employment climate. It aims to provide support and assistance to meet the specific needs of this community. 

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